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Bridge Between Japanese and English Translation| Kato Language Services

Kato Language Services

Japanese and English Translation, Localization, and Interpretation Services

My Services

Business Translation

A clear and accurate message in the language of your target audience, has become more crucial than ever in today’s ever-globalizing world. I provide translation between Japanese and English of documents, articles, technical manuals, and user guides to place your business in the best position for success.


Interpretation removes language barriers to ensure the smoothest experience for all parties. I provide consecutive and simultaneous interpretation between Japanese and English for meetings, international conferences, seminars, and business negotiations.

Video Localization

Creating a Japanese version of a video originally made in English, or vice versa, requires more than just adding directly translated subtitles. I carefully consider every detail in order to create a localized version that matches the intended effect of the original.

Media Translation Services

Excellent media content can only be created with a thorough cultural understanding and awareness of the target audience. Utilizing my experience living and working in Japan, the U.S., and the U.K., I provide not only accurate but also culturally-sensitive translations of all types of media, from blog posts and magazines to entire books.

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